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Kitchen Cabinet Respraying Service Toronto, ON

As a kitchen cabinet painting service in Toronto, we have a team of seasoned specialists that will ensure that your kitchen space is transformed to its original glory. Cabinet painting and refinishing in Toronto are two of the many services we provide.

You can trust us to get the job done perfectly every time because of our years of experience dealing with homeowners like you. We guarantee you’ll be happy!

Let us to take care of this time-consuming process so that you may focus your energy to other important things in life.

Our professional painters offer the appropriate methods for the appearance you want. We have a designer that can create something similar to the style you’re looking for.

Rejuvenate your kitchen and give it a new lease on life

The kitchen is the central hub of every home. And this area should be a place filled with peace and serenity, not covered in so many colors that you can’t tell one hue from the other.

What sets us apart from our competitors is that we use unique lacquer-based paints that give results that are as good as factory finish.

We will power wash your cabinets, repaint them to make it look like new and re-stain all doors with beautiful natural wood finishes. So go on ahead – start cooking up some delicious goodies!

We offer a wide range of high-quality refinishing services that will make your home look beautiful and modern, and all of them are available at very reasonable price.

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Get Your Dream Kitchen

With our kitchen cabinet respraying service, you can transform the feel and aesthetic of your space for a fraction of the cost

Putting a fresh coat of paint on your kitchen cabinet doors might save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Upgrading your kitchen in Toronto can become a very expensive task.

Painting your kitchen cabinets is a low-cost option to add value to your home without enduring a major renovation. Not only will they be gorgeous, but the dirt and grease that has accumulated will be removed as well.


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Professional kitchen cabinet refinishing

in 4 simple steps

To begin, we’ll cover the whole kitchen with paper and plastic. Overspray will be completely avoided in all exposed surfaces.

After a light layer of bonding primer has dried for a few hours, the cabinet bones will be sanded with a finer sand paper to eliminate any raised grain or dirt, and then cleaned with micro fibre. Lastly, to guarantee appropriate and equal application, a lacquer coat will be applied 2-3 times. Cabinet doors will be replaced and hardware will be fitted after the project is completed. Finally, all plastic and prep items will be discarded, and the area will be thoroughly cleaned.

To guarantee that the final product meets corporate requirements, cabinets will go through a rigorous preparation procedure. To eliminate any pollutants, we’ll start with a chemical wash (unless otherwise stated). The cabinets will next be sanded extensively to ensure that they are absolutely smooth. This will be followed by a gentle wash with a microfiber cloth to remove any sanding debris.

White Pigment Shellac Bonding will be done in two applications. Cabinets will be sanded with a lighter sand paper to eliminate any raised grain or dirt after drying for a few hours, followed by another micro fibre cleaning. Finally, to guarantee appropriate and equal application, a lacquer coat will be applied 2-3 times. Cabinets are wrapped in a durable foam wrap, supplied free of charge, and reinstalled according to the contract.

We know how hard it is to admit that your kitchen just isn’t what you imagined.

Cabinets need to be refinished?

Got the perfect paint colour in mind but don’t want to deal with painting?

We have got you covered!

We will fix whatever needs fixing on your kitchen at a reasonable price, quicker than you can make dinner for the family.

Kitchen cabinets, vanities, and woodwork may all be restored! We specialize in getting the job done correctly the first time.

Cabinet refinishing, painting, re-spraying, and wood finishing are our specialties.

With our kitchen cabinet repair service, get a new, fresh appearance that makes you feel good about being in your kitchen

With our lifetime warranty on interior and exterior painting, we offer a peace of mind that no other company can. 

When you paint your walls or stucco with us, not only will the job be done right by professionals from start to finish but also it has been backed for life!

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Enjoy your beautiful kitchen renovation

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Our Clients Say

Fred A.
Fred A.

Jeff's team painted my house like no other! They even went as far as to paint our stairs too, which was necessary 🙂 I'm so happy with the work they did. You won't be disappointed if you hire them for any job big or small.

Naim Gamal
Naim Gamal

Jeff and his team were great to work with. They have been very professional, quick in their responses, accommodating of our needs as a client, and skilled at what they do! We are so impressed by the quality of service we received from them that we would like to recommend this company for anyone who is looking for awesome home painting services.


These guys are true professionals! They were always responsive to our questions, which was really helpful for us. We loved the work they did with their care and precision. Rahim's team helped make this project a success story by executing everything we wanted them to do perfectly on time--we couldn't have done it without them!


It can be hard to find a good painting crew, but House Painters Toronto is worth it. They are professional and responsive! I had an excellent experience with them during these challenging times for everyone involved too. Highly recommended!