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All homeowners with exterior paint jobs in Toronto desire high quality work while not sacrificing on the cost.

We are a professional painting company that specializes in painting homes and commercial properties in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Newmarket, Keswick et al., and we can satisfy both of these desires because our painters are master professionals that have many years of experience providing customers with excellent service at reasonable prices.

Not only do they satisfactorily complete all exterior projects to spec but take pride in doing so without breaking the bank for you!

Residential House Painting

Are you finding that your exterior painting projects is beginning to show signs of wear and tear? Don’t worry. 

Whether it’s a roof, chimney, brick or the entire house, we’ll get it looking like new again without any problems whatsoever! Here at our Toronto painting company, we’re known for being proficient painters that have over 10 different years of experience under our belt. We know how valuable you consider home appearance as well as quality paint jobs when choosing an exterior painter to do some work on your property so don’t try going anywhere else but us; after all, this is what put us in the top-rated category!

Why would you prefer us over others in the market?

People often hire contractors or painters without a formal contract, which can lead to problems and disagreements.

You don’t want to end up with an unfinished exterior painting job because your contractor ran out of time or money before finishing the job. That’s where Local House Painters come in!

We’ll do all the legwork for you and make sure that everything is done correctly so you won’t have any regrets about choosing us as your contractor.

With our help, you can rest assured that your project will be completed on time and within budget. Our experienced team will walk you through each step of the process so there are no surprises along the way.

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Residential Interior Painting

Painting your house can be a daunting task

We’ve been in the business for over a decade and we know what it takes to get the job done right.

We have all the experience you need to make sure that your exterior painting project is completed on time, within budget, and with top-quality workmanship.

You don’t have to worry about anything because we will take care of everything from start to finish!

When you hire us as your residential painters in Toronto, you won’t have any worries or concerns when it comes to getting great value for money or trusting our team of professionals who are experts at their craft. Your home deserves nothing but the best so let’s get started today! 

Contact us now for more information on how we can help paint your home!


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Residential Painting Service

We offer competitive prices, and our painters are masters of their trade!

Request a free quotation by contacting us! You can’t afford to lose time during the painting season in Toronto, GTA. Our exterior house painting specialist will come on-site to evaluate your requirements and goals, provide professional colour advice, and provide you with a comprehensive quote.

We’ll schedule the exterior painting project with you and arrange a convenient start date, assist you in choosing the appropriate colors for your requirements, collect your deposit, and verify any other specifics of the exterior home painting project.

On the first day, we will arrive on time and do a walk-through with you. And we’ll come up with a strategy and begin to work on your exterior home painting Toronto project right away!

Our expert painters start by addressing the areas that need attention. We’ll lay down drop sheets in your yard to prevent it from spills and splatters, and then go to work on the most essential aspect of exterior house painting: preparation work!

Any areas that need attention will be scraped, sanded, caulked, filled, and primed, followed by two coats of new paint. We value clear channels of communication, so we’ll send you frequent updates during the procedure to keep you updated.

After we’ve done painting, we’ll clean up the jobsite and make sure it’s as clean as it was when we arrived! Then, before we consider the work finished, we’ll conduct a last walk-through with you to make sure you’re satisfied with it. We won’t rest until you’re completely pleased! We don’t handle your final payment until you tell us you’re totally satisfied with the job we’ve done.

With our lifetime warranty on interior and exterior painting, we offer a peace of mind that no other company can.

When you paint your walls or stucco with us, not only will the job be done right by professionals from start to finish but also it has been backed for life!

We suggest requesting a FREE Estimate if you want to know the precise cost of painting your house

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Please contact us to schedule a free consultation. Make an appointment with us right now to talk about your painting needs for your home! Have questions? Check our FAQ page.


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As quickly as we can, someone from our staff will get back to you and talk about your options. An initial cost estimate is also available upon request!


Have fun with your lovely new home!

You can rely on us to complete the project on time and in perfect condition.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of painting a house’s exterior is determined by a variety of variables.

Look at the following things while making your budget:

  • The size of a house. The more paint and painters time required, the larger the home.
  • It’s difficult to get there. This covers things like scaffolding and special equipment rentals.
  • An effort that is needed in terms of preparation: If we need to remove plants or perform a lot of prep work to isolate a particular region, the time we spend on the job will rise, as will the final price.
  • Season. If you’re not in a rush, check out with your painting business when is a suitable time for them to paint your home’s exterior. This way, you may be able to obtain a better price.
  • The quantity of colours to be utilised, as well as the kind of paint to be used. The price will not rise if you limit the number of colours to fewer than five; this is because the difficulty is lower and there is less paint waste. A high-gloss finish, as well as a hue that needs several coats, are more expensive.
  • The form of your roof – high peaks or complex architectural details (bargeboard). This is related to how difficult and time-consuming painting particular regions will be.

Painting is the perfect home improvement project because when you paint your house you don’t need a contractor invasive upgrade or another major remodeling. But it’s not always an easy process:

It typically includes steep costs and time-consuming work. For that reason, we offer estimating services to help customers have a very clear understanding of what they are getting into before diving in with both feet!

We will develop a package priced per square foot for both exterior and any additional interior painting projects, so there are no surprises along the way. We’re confident that our exquisitely painted homes will be well worth all your hard work!

Our highly experienced, fully licensed, and insured team members are equipped with the newest painting tools and technology to ensure that you get an optimal result.

Our coatings for exterior brick will provide unmatched protection against water, staining, sun damage as well as graffiti adding years of beauty to your property. Our exterior painting services now include brick staining, brick painting, aluminum siding, and deck refinishing. We can also paint your fence and doors with stains or paints to make them look new again!

After a hard day’s slog on your property, there is no better feeling than seeing the end results of all your hard work. A professional house painting company will make your home look new while knocking out any before and during prep services that you may need.

We want to be the final step in making your dream come true! We are dedicated to fulfilling homeowners’ dreams and we offer a variety of services, including exterior painting. We protect decks and flower beds in addition to repairing any cracks or holes that might need caulking. Your yard will be left just as pristine as it was when you found us!

House Painters Toronto back up its exterior painting services completely. With a 3 year warranty on any paint job and 10 years of protection for brick staining, there is nothing to lose by letting them do the work!

We provide exterior painting that is customized to meet your needs and we have discounts for you! We offer outside-of-the-box solutions when it comes to our paint jobs.

We can customize any job with a personalized touch, or cut costs without sacrificing quality by providing expert advice on what kind of paints are best suited for each type of surface. There’s never been a better time than now; don’t wait another minute before calling us today so that we could help transform the look and feel at home!


Our Clients Say

Fred A.
Fred A.

Jeff's team painted my house like no other! They even went as far as to paint our stairs too, which was necessary 🙂 I'm so happy with the work they did. You won't be disappointed if you hire them for any job big or small.

Naim Gamal
Naim Gamal

Jeff and his team were great to work with. They have been very professional, quick in their responses, accommodating of our needs as a client, and skilled at what they do! We are so impressed by the quality of service we received from them that we would like to recommend this company for anyone who is looking for awesome home painting services.


These guys are true professionals! They were always responsive to our questions, which was really helpful for us. We loved the work they did with their care and precision. Rahim's team helped make this project a success story by executing everything we wanted them to do perfectly on time--we couldn't have done it without them!


It can be hard to find a good painting crew, but House Painters Toronto is worth it. They are professional and responsive! I had an excellent experience with them during these challenging times for everyone involved too. Highly recommended!